Learning for Development Solutions

Krush works with organisations to propel employee learning and development via 360 feedback personality profiling, and Learning and Development support services:

Learning Needs Analysis

Understanding the learning needs of employees and implementing training programmes can be a daunting task without the required expertise. Krush works with companies to identify employee skill gaps and provide solutions to match the needs across your business. I will also arrange the training for you, so there is no additional strain on your resources.

Krush supports organisations align their business goals to the learning needs of their people, by using tried and trusted techniques and bespoke learning needs analysis tools to discover critical and non-critical development needs. Krush is skilled at managing this process from start to finish to ensure you get the best value for money and the required output from your training vendors to enable you to focus on other priorities.

What’s included

  • Initial stakeholder meeting to understand the organisations strategic priorities
  • Management of the entire learning cycle; skill gap identification (training needs analysis), training identification and initiation, budget and costing analysis to ensure value for money, implementation and feedback capture.
  • This level of support creates a development pathway and plan for employees, demonstrating the organisations commitment to its workforce.

Feedback for Development

360 employee feedback reviews; verbal and written.

Feedback drives performance; aligning feedback with organisational objectives in a positive manner will yield results by clarifying expectations and improving performance. Clear, supportive and well-articulated feedback which is evidence based and delivered in the correct way will increase employee confidence, raise self-awareness and areas for development to enable employees to stretch themselves and develop in a focussed and considered way.

Personality Profiling for Development

Personality profiling & feedback. Design and delivery of bespoke personality profiling workshops.

Personality encompasses the relatively stable feelings thoughts and behavioural patterns a person has. Our personality differentiates us from other people, supporting employees to gain a deeper understanding of personality preferences and differences of themselves and others can help them appreciate the behaviour displayed as a result of how a person may be thinking or feeling in a given situation.