Frequently asked questions

What is included in the programmes?

Each programme, whether you choose Peak Performance, Accelerate Performance, Team Performance, or a bespoke combination of these services, includes:


  • An initial planning meeting of up to two hours
  • Assessment of your workplace and human capital needs
  • Ongoing coaching sessions
  • Flexibility in onsite and remote work options
  • Toolkits and templates to share and use as your business moves forward

How long do the programmes run?

Most companies choose one-year programmes in order to fully implement the changes at a steady and consistent pace compatible with work schedules and the ongoing personal and professional growth of their employees.

If you have longer or shorter time horizons in mind, particularly with the launch of a new product or service your business may be offering on a set date, or a restructuring of a department, we can customize your coaching experience to fit specific needs.

Tighter time horizons can be accommodated with a learning needs analysis package that troubleshoots specific gaps and sources shorter training programs.

What types of activities do the programmes include?

Each programme includes a variety of observation, analysis, and personal tools for each participant that allow for supported growth in a forward-thinking and positive direction.

Emphasizing the empowerment and understanding of hard and soft skills of each participant, the programmes help businesses compile a “takeaway file” of techniques, progress markers, and repeatable actions that lead to long-lasting success.

Team programmes include interactive workshops and group reviews. Communication mapping and team charter tools help identify shared values, goals, and needs, while serving as a reference tool for maintaining the new dynamic.

Individual programmes include personality style, values, and goals discovery questionnaires and assessment tests. The coaching sessions build on these points to create action steps, relevant reference materials, and a record of progress over time to create snapshots of progress and a concrete plan continued momentum.

What Geographic Areas Do You Serve?

For on-site sessions, I work in London and the greater Hertfordshire area. If you’re farther afield, I also serve companies around the UK and internationally with online and remote work options.

How Much Do The Programmes Cost?

Costs are based on the number of participants and length of programme desired. After discussing your company’s needs, I’ll be able to present a proposal with a cost estimate.