Business Performance Coaching

Executive Coaching: Peak Performance

Designed for emerging and established Executives and Managers to develop their leadership style and get the best from themselves and their teams.

Understanding people at a deeper level is fundamental to any managerial role, yet it can get buried under the pressures to perform day-to-day tasks on a demanding schedule. Learn how to approach people from the inside-out to optimize your own awareness, build strong relationships, and enhance workplace communication in ways that boost morale, confidence, and cohesion.

  • Identify your leadership style
  • Realise best communication practices for other personality types
  • Create structured pathways for team engagement
  • Clarify your strategic thinking to manage change and uncertainty
  • Target opportunities for growth that use your key strengths

Team Coaching: Team Performance

Designed for new and established teams wanting to expand their capabilities, address existing challenges, and enhance both performance and workplace satisfaction.

Team performance is a critical priority and fundamental building block of the success of any organization. Engaged and motivated teams produce higher quality work on a shorter timeline, strengthening the processes and results of their companies. Positioning teams for a collaborative and rewarding interaction, and knowing how to maintain that collaboration, produces greater workplace satisfaction and increased investment in career and company growth.

  • Understand your team’s challenges in communication and work flow
  • Reframe challenges into clearly-defined opportunities with action plans
  • Develop collaborative skills that optimize team performance
  • Engage each team member through capitalizing on their key skills and interests
  • Build team cohesion around shared purpose and common values

Accelerate Performance: Individual Coaching

Designed for employees at varying levels of an organization, who are interested in greater progress and involvement in their career path.

Nurturing positive mind-sets and behaviours at all levels of an organisation encourages a culture of empowerment, accountability, and optimal fit for job type and career path. Whether you or your employees have changed jobs, returned from a workplace absence, or desire a fresh perspective on how to achieve a more productive and fulfilled career, tapping into the power of your people yields win-win situations for years to come.

  • Increase awareness of goals and vision
  • Gain clarity and confidence in decision-making
  • Harness personal and professional strengths for fulfilling growth
  • Identify opportunities for targeted participation based on key skills and strengths
  • Enhance focus for reduced distraction and better work/life balance