Krushma (Krush) is the Founder and Director of Krush Coaching...

…a practice that focuses on workforce performance and potential to deliver transformative shifts that maximise people’s innate strengths

Utilising a combination of her specialities and experience in Organisational Learning and Development, Business Psychology, and Performance Coaching, Krush delivers actionable steps in perspective and process that result in behavioural change.

Krush Coaching is passionate about supporting businesses, their leaders and employees to raise their performance and unleash their potential. With a proven track record in increasing productivity, improving leadership, communication and trust, leading to reduced sickness, absence and performance issues (grievances, disciplinary), employee turnover (by ensuring the right people are in the right roles) and increased engagement and commitment.  Working together, we would address the common but complex challenges around connecting, inspiring, motivating and leading their managers and teams. Resulting in clearer direction, refining and building upon leadership style, and leveraging this to ensure an increase in team performance and productivity.

How Krush Can Support your Business Success

  • Business Performance Coaching
  • Learning and Development Consultancy
  • Supporting Working Parents

​Coaching Style

With proven professional methods derived from the combination of her specialty training, Krush takes the time to effectively identify and understand the underlying challenges faced by individuals and organisations. This customised assessment addresses the unique employee and organisational needs, which helps her clients to implement the changes required for improved performance, enhanced communication, and improved productivity in ways that fit their experience level, personalities, and areas of targeted business growth.

Working with Krush

Krush knows you need long-lasting results, not temporary patches. That’s why building trusted relationships to create a safe and secure environment is the foundation of her style. With 7 years as a learning and development specialist, Krush is technically skilled at getting to the root of the problem efficiently and compassionately, presenting options for improvement that are compatible with both the individual and the organisation. Rather than off-the-shelf fixed programmes, Krush offers a format tailored to the specific needs, people, and systems at hand, offering solutions and growth opportunities in an immediate, accessible way.

Krush is passionate about linking the values of the individual and the organisation to break down barriers and frustrations that inevitably arise within and between employees to create opportunities and actions with positive outcomes.

What They’re Saying

Krush has been instrumental in my growth and development over the last 18 months. Her ability to eek out issues in the workplace, help me understand them and discover ways to deal with them has been so valuable to me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others. Whilst work funded my work with Krush originally, due to COVID impact this was no longer possible. Making the decision to self fund working with her was one of my best in 2020.

Grace ChargeHead of Brand Experience UK/Europe - Westfield

What a year 2020 was, no not because of the pandemic.. it was a phenomenal year for my professional development and Krush played a key role with her support and help in developing my professional skills. Krush is easy to talk to and I admire the way in which she challenges your behaviour and patiently let’s you reflect. Krush has not only helped me but has indirectly helped my colleagues and peers. I’m ready to start 2021 with a new found confidence and clarity on where I want my career to go. Krush is not just a professional coach, I would say Krush is a life coach and I would highly recommend her.

Rehana RameshDirector, Brent Council

Krush coaching for me is a great source of objective advice and support in our day to day functions, she really invests time in learning about the business and the team in order to provide the best support she can. Several members in our team have completed 1 to 1 coaching with Krush and there is a marked difference in their attitude and outlook which has resulted in a more positive and productive team. I would recommend Krush coaching to anyone that needs support in their learning and development particularly for developing their team through 1 to 1 coaching. We worked with Krush Coaching for nearly 2 years following a recommendation , from day one she knew exactly what our training needs are, helped us deliver various training & development projects (team induction, 121 coaching for management team, team workshops and implementing appraisal process) we find Krush very professional and easy to work with.

Brenda WalschHR Director, Tewinbury Farm

Krush was excellent at quickly creating a safe and secure environment to talk openly and made me feel able to firstly share and then supportively helped me to mould shape and take ownership of the brain splat. I have come away feeling re energised and clearer where there was no clarity. Now the direction is forming along with areas to nurture and grow and voices and learnt behaviours that do not serve which now recognise and have strategies to challenge. Thank you for the support, I look forward to future conversations and your invaluable gift is something that all should seek etc explore.

Cecile HallidayExecutive

Krush is my secret weapon and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Krush to anyone who is willing to invest in themselves for professional coaching. Both professional and personable, Krushma has the ability to put you at ease but then gives it to you straight. Krushma taught me to refine my thinking through analysing my own feelings and capabilities and has given me the courage to do so too. Ultimately, Krushma enabled me to focus on my own values and what was important to me to gain fulfilment and satisfaction from both in my working and personal life.

Cemile ImamzadeSpecialist - CC Consulting

Over the last 12 months Krush has provided extremely helpful coaching support. The sessions enabled me to honestly explore ideas and concerns around different management and leadership styles designed to get the best out of my team and myself, and for the company to get the best out of me. These were particularly beneficial prior to our team day workshop which Krush also designed and facilitated. This was a key opportunity for me to connect with, and influence my team in a positive way. Thanks to my sessions with Krush, I was better prepared for the Team Day, in meeting its objectives and being perceived as more ‘approachable’ by my team overall. Equally, in assessing future career opportunities within the company, Krush has encouraged me to create more structure around my thinking and she offers a vital perspective to balance my own thoughts when necessary.

Andy WabyDirector, MBDA

In my first coaching session with Krush, I was able to make sense of my jumbled thoughts which were controlling me. Krush helped me to realise that I already had all the answers and I came away from my first session with 4 simple actions which I am going to implement straight away. Krush is one of the best coaches I have ever come across. She has an innate ability to listen in a professional but sensitive way and I felt totally comfortable discussing things that are quite difficult to talk about. I would recommend Krush to my clients, my friends and family and to anyone who is searching for a coach who is going to help to bring out the best version of you. Amazing!

Angie WhiteDirector - Genie Nutrition

Sometimes as a manager it is all too easy to become emotionally influenced by our day to day, and sometimes historical experiences, which can artificially distort our perspective. Krush provides ‘without prejudice’ viewpoint. Myself and my senior managers have found it extremely useful to talk matters through with Krush confidentially and receive impartial guidance and clarity.
There have been significant and noticeable changes and without a doubt Krush has been instrumental in that change, and I know we wouldn’t have made the transition without her support.
The coaching sets the grounding and principles by which to follow, and we can’t underestimate the value of Krush’s skills and knowledge which suits the dynamic working environment we operate within. I have had a lot of positive feedback on the changes to my team and individuals within it, and I can say with confidence this wouldn’t have been achieved without Krush. I totally believe in, and support the role Krush has played in mine and my teams development.

Kevin SmithsonDirector, MBDA

Krush is incredibly supportive, patient, and highly knowledgeable in her field and will give you and will give you the tools to help you improve yourself.

Before starting my coaching sessions with Krush, I was unable to see how any coach could help me make changes which would have such a positive impact on me as an individual, and in turn, upon my career.

I can wholeheartedly say that having been through the process (which at times has been tough and emotional) I have developed as an individual and am positively influencing and impacting my workplace. I am also a much happier person, which is seen by those closest to me. Without Krush I would not have achieved this!

Liz PattinsonDirector, CBRE

Krush is immensely motivated and innovative and continually offers practical and meaningful ideas to any problem identified. Her infectious enthusiasm, excellent knowledge base and cheerful personality has enabled me to offer and deliver continuous professional development opportunities to all my staff at minimal cost. She is exceptionally reliable and committed to her cause and she is always willing to provide sound advice and support.

Jayne CowellDirector

I have thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Krush and can see a huge improvement in my achievements since working with her. I now understand my values more and this has helped me to make important decisions over the past year. Each coaching session has provided me with a chance to focus on what I want to be doing and understand exactly what is needed to get there. Each session has been extremely useful and Krush has really helped me to challenge any negative thoughts and move forward with my goals and aspirations and have played a very large part in helping me get to where I am today!

Holly MacWlliamManager, Hobbs